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My favorite video game…BATTLEFIELD!!!

Its more like a game series. There are multiple battlefield games. My personal favorite being Battlefield 4, which was released in 2013. Many people still play it, like over 10,000 people play it a month. Lets not talk just about BF 4. Let’s talk about the whole game series in general and why its so good. I have 4 battlefield games BF 3, BF hard line, BF 4, and BF 1. By the way, a new battlefield 1 dlc (down loadable content) is releasing soon…

The first battlefield was battlefield 1941 released in 2002 Oct. 11, but recently they shut down all the 1942 severs so no one can play the game anymore. Battlefield got so popular, they kept making more and more games. Battlefield was produced by Dice, Ea, and Frostbite. Battlefield is known from its epic 64 multiplayer combat, it epic levolution and destruction, infantry, and my favorite vehicles!!! Every battlefield game has vehicles relating to the game, sense battlefield is manly a military  game it has tanks, jets , helicopters,etc.

The newest game being battlefield 1 released in Oct. 5 2016, is all about WW1 so it has vehicles that were used in WW1. there are many game modes conquest being the most popular, so i conquest each team has 32 players max and both teams have a verity of vehicles and ways to destroy the enemy, so you have certain parts of the map that has a objective that if one team has most of the objectives they drain the enemy’s tickets or you can just simply kill enemy’s for them to loose tickets. and the team who looses all the tickets first looses the round.

That´s mostly it about Battlefield

I have a question. What was the first battlefield game you ever played?? If you ever played it.



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Battlefield – Award Winning First Person Shooter by EA and DICE .


20% Update

Our group was not working well with the basketball camp thing, so we decided to change our idea to a Comedy act thing. So what we will do is find somewhere to tell jokes and funny stories to people and try to make them laugh, And if we get money, 1/2 of it will go to charity and the other we will think about.

So first, for this month my group will try to find a place to tell our jokes, and we will also make a google doc with joke ideas to tell at the stage. We should end up telling the jokes in March, we are not 100% if it will be March, but I´m just making predictions. So thanks for reading, but before I go let me tell you a joke.

Why are frogs so happy?

Because they eat whatever bugs them.


Animals Telling Silly Puns


This week my blog (and many others) will be about Holidays!! What I´m going to talk about is write about my 3 favorite holidays.


3: Halloween,

1 word CANDY!! Its fun to walk around to people´s front door in a costume getting free candy. Some people like most people would eat most or even all of there candy in the night they get it, but some people like me   it till the next day and eat a few every now and then. Most kids might just stay home and eat the candy that they already have, and some would just go to almost every house and get a ton of candy. Its just fun to have a holiday where you can dress up as anything you want and get as much candy as you want. That´s mostly it for my 3rd favorite holiday.


2: ThanksGiving and

¨A holiday where you get to eat a lot¨, You get to eat all kinds of ¨good¨ stuff like turkey, Pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, green beans, etc. But its not just about eating or it would be called FoodFrenzy, Eating is not why I like Thanksgiving (but its mainly why) I also like it because I get to watch the charlie brown special like it always plays on HBO or something. My family gets to go to our friends house where all our family and friends meet (very nice house btw) And the kids can just run and play in the backyard, or watch football inside. But the biggest reason I like Thanksgiving is going around the table and each person saying what there thankful for, I mostly cry for some random reason, But its just nice to hang out with our friends and family and have a nice dinner.


1: Christmas

¨Presents and a small version of Thanksgiving dinner¨ Most people know Christmas from Santa Claus and the North Pole and getting presents, but that´s not what I see in this Holiday. I see jazz ( my favorite kind of music) Friends and family, my second favorite season winter, lights, etc. Yes getting presents from ¨Santa¨ is fun but I just like hanging out with my family and eating food and mostly talking. There surprisingly is not a lot to talk about on my favorite holiday, so what I like doing is just spending time with family.

And that´s my 3 favorite holidays. Thanks for reading



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10 Tips For Surviving The Holidays




School For a Week

If I was a Principal for a week I would extend the lunch periods from 30 minutes to 45. The reason I would change it to 30 to 45 minuets is because some classes stand in line to get food for a long time, so when they actually get their they have to rush and they don’t get to enjoy it and chat with their friends. Another thing I would do as a Principal would be to organize the grades and classes in a better order, so like I would have the sixth grade classes be mainly be more around the left side, have the cafeteria in the middle of the school with the gym and the library surrounding it. The reason i would have the school this way is because the classes are just thrown and just mixed together and its just a train wreck when you mix all the grades and classes in one big messed up hallways. One last thing I would do as a Principal is I would change the way homework and classwork is done, I think it should all the work should be done on paper and worksheets because. Not everyone has access to computers at home, and not only that it could be very stressful to keep up with all that work on both paper and computers in only like 4 to 5 days, So I think they should either extend the due dates or have less work. And that what i would do as a Principal for a week. 

 If I was a teacher for a week, One of the first things I would do is spend more one on one time with each student, for example I would take 10 students per day and spend that time working on their weaknesses. so by the time by the end of the week I would addressed every student in my class. I would then be able to help each one get themselves up to speed with the rest of the class. I think it is important to make sure that no students are left behind. I also feel that its important to make sure no students are well behaved, groomed, and learn how to present themselves in public with their appearance and behavior. I also feel that its important as a teacher to make sure everyone learns to present a positive attitude towards fellow students and school staff. And that’s what I would do as a teacher.  



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Student Principal for the Day (Gala Auction Item)

School Nutrition Association 




~Winter Is Coming~

As we know Winter is near, the leafs are falling, its getting colder, and the birds are beginning to flock away. Its only the start of November, and Winter is actually far away, but that does not mean I can’t talk about. Sense it is getting colder and its rainy a lot. But sense the point of this is about winter lets see what new to come for the upcoming winter.

So what I looked up was when winter started this year, or what we think it will start. So I found that Winter starts on December, 21st. But one of the things I hate about Winter is sense it gets cold the birds (which are my favorite type of animal) have to fly south to where its warmer. But one thing we all know about the Winter times is the U.S.A’s most famous holiday… Christmas.

I don’t think I need to explain what Christmas is, but if you have no clue let give you a small recap. Christmas is a holiday where kids get presents from “Santa Claus” and everyone has a blast. but the original reason we celebrate Christmas is because it’s Jesus’s birthday. Its just celebrating that for the kids would be boring so they came up with “Santa”. I think this years Winter is going to be a good one and I think everyone will have a lot of fun. This is Kellen Signing off!!!

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6 Best Iranian Apps for Winter | Financial Tribune 

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Volcanic Eruption

My Family and I went on a hiking trip on Mount St. Helens. It was a perfect day, the sun was out, it was warm, and there was not a cloud in sight. But what we did not know was that on that day the worst thing that could ever happen HAPPENED!! So as we were half way up the mountain we decided to take a break and eat lunch, I was the first one done so I told my Parents that I was gonna explore. So I wondered off into further up the mountain, I got a little tired so I took a rest under a tree. I was about to get back up and head back to where my parents are but then I heard BOOM!!!! I looked to where it was coming from and when I found out what it was it was already too late…


Hey readers what I want you to do is comment down bellow what you think the story can end giving your details and the one I like the most might end up in this blog!!



Science Clarified 

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http://bloggingwithsophie.edublogs.org/2014/09/27/student-blogging-challenge-week-2/#comment-282Hi Sophie, I am a student doing the Student Blogging Challenge for my classroom, I really liked how you explained the correct way to use punctuation which is really helpful for what my class is doing, i think students aside from me would find this very helpful as i can see other classes have done the same challenge on your post as well and that should Continue. And that’s all i have to say


  1. Why i choose this post was i really liked the background and the snow animation, it really fit the theme for London.
  2. I don’t relate to the author. 🙁
  3. I left my comment for the same reason i said.


Activity 1: OK lets talk about Giving credit to the artist. I know a lot about this sense I’m in a Amino which is a place where there are groups of different Fandom’s  where people can join  an a amino of something they like and you can post art chat and all kinds of things. But were getting off topic here well if you re-post someones art and do not give them credit the owners are not going to be happy. Because the owner put time and effort into and they just get it thrown back at them because the other person is taking credit and saying he did it. So make sure to give credit to the original artist.







Activity 2:  The Sun is setting

The sky is turning orange

as for the mountain

is getting dark

soon the whole place

will be pitch black

but lets enjoy

the beautiful view

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My avatar is not a cartoon looking character. It is a hand signal which it is the (OK) hand signal. I like using it because I like to the ok hand signal it really shows that I’m like ok I get it, and its kinda funny to use as well. I have I feeling I’m gonna keep it for awhile. So yea.  It’s not really as interesting as anyone’s other avatar or a cool story its just a simple profile pic.